Providing Value to Small Businesses through Web sites and software

A bit about me...

I am Josiah Mory. I am the founder, developer, marketer, accountant, barista...well you get the picture.

kickinbahk productions is a company of one.

When you work with me, you are working with the person doing the work for you. I take a personal interest in making your business successful and that the software I build for you is meeting your business's needs.

What I can help you with...

Web Software

Custom web apps for your business, with more functionality and customization than Wordpress offers.

Custom Integrations

Connect your website with other services your business is already using through their APIs.


Mobile is a large percentage of internet traffic. I make sure your website looks beautiful on mobile devices and computer screens.

Software for Your Needs

We will work together to find a solution to your needs. I will do my best to understand the problem you are facing and how to best solve it.

SEO Best Practices

Search page rank is important for any customer-facing business. I will make sure SEO best practices are utilized in all necessary software.

What I Value...

  • Good Communication
  • Finding the RIGHT Option for your Business
  • Transparency
  • Client Success
  • Aim for Happy Customers
  • Modern and Popular Technologies
  • No Outsourcing

Web Software

Mostly Node

Aggregation of episodes, in-depth tagging, and nice navigation element.

The Influential Life

Calls to action, information of services, and payment integration.

Interested in Talking Further?

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