Kickinbahk productions is primarily me, Josiah.

I have been building user experiences on the web for the last 10 years. I have performed over 100 user experience audits on different shopify stores and I have worked many of those stores in an ongoing capacity to increase sales by improving their user experiences. I have also worked with many of those stores to come up with unique and custom experiences that fit the products they offer.

Several years ago my family and I moved to Montana to raise our family with a greater love and experience for the outdoors. As we have gotten more established, I have begun hunting and have found many great small businesses with phenomenal products but that have store experiences that could use improvement.

I saw the opportunity to combine my consulting experience with my love for hunting. This allows me to provide a unique perspective on your store and the challenges that you face as part of the hunting community.

Let me help you boost your store’s effectiveness!

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